Studio Six19 – Coogan & Melissa

Coogan by the Window

Nikon D300, 70-200VR, SB900 + SB800 shooting thru Lastolite panel


I had a great surprise this weekend.  Coogan flew up from LA to surprise Alexis, Kevin and Mr. Cole (the grandson).  Alexis and crew flew in from Fort Hood Texas to celebrate Kevin’s safe return from Afghanistan.  So while everyone was out doing their thing with the Kevin’s family, Coogan and I hit the road for Studio Six19 in Seattle for some indoor studio work.  Coogan is always a pleasure to work with and is a real sport when it comes to helping Dad try out new photo gear.  The shot above was a challenge in balancing full sun screaming in from the window (4th floor next to Alaskan Way) with sufficient flash power from the left to create a full wrap.

Coogan & Melissa

Nikon D300, 70-200VR, SB900 with a Lastolite EzHotshoe Soft Box

I had previously scheduled Melissa for the studio for a ‘play on lights day’, so it was a special treat to have Coogan join in.  Not surprising, Coogan and Melissa made a great team and we had a blast shooting it up.

Coogan & Melissa being a Pair of Hams

Nikon D300, 17-55mm at 48, SB900 +3EV at flash with Lastolite EzHotshoe Soft Box


There comes a time in every session, when the models just need a break.  In this case, they were having a grand time making fun of me and my camera funnies.  As I recall, I was talking to my camera.  In this shot, I positioned the softbox higher than normal camera left.  With a little more distance than normal, I increased the output of the strobe to compensate for the additional light throw while maintaining a balance with the background lighting pouring thru the window.  When using the the softbox, as good rule of thumb to use is one drop in f-stop per foot of light travel.  You can see the presentable out-takes from the shoot on the blog in a couple of days – so stay tuned.

Cheers and happy photoing