June Safari Update – Day 1

June Safari Update – Day 1
June 2, 2014

Today was an early wake-up at Rivertrees as we had to make a mad dash to the local municipal airport for our charter flight to the central Serengeti.

As we flew over the Serengeti, the impact of little rains became very apparent. The entire landscape looks like the typical September safari with brown and golden hues in every direction.

Once at the airstrip in the Serengeti (after a very fast stop at Lobo to drop a couple of folks), we hit the running. Within two hours we had seen 4 of the big five and wonderful photography opportunities. Do you know what the big five are and why they are referred to as the big five?

This trip, one of my clients is a sketch artist as well as a photograhper. In looking at her sketch book tonight, I just had to share one of her sketches from our first elephant sighting with everyone. Great job Kim Paradiso

Arriving at our camp in Robanda late afternoon, the wildebeest were all around us making their normal racket. The Serengeti did not receive normal rainfall during the months of March, April, and May. This has forced a very early move of the migration herds from the Western Corridor to the northern central Serengeti and further north. Many of the herds have already crossed the Mara River into Kenya.

Tomorrow we are going to blast deep into the research area in search of cats. Off to bed with all of the wonderful sounds of the wild all around us. I just love this place.

Cheers and happy photo’ing

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