Safari Update Day 7 (2 Oct 2013)

Safari Update Day 7 (2 Oct 2013)
20 degrees C
Sunrise 0615, clear skies with clouds starting to build in the distance.

Today we traversed from Robanda to our new camp in the northern Serengeti. Kogatende is located high atop the rolling hills in the northern Serengeti. The ‘road less traveled’ was full of adventure and showed us a different view of the Tanzania that we had seen before. We arrived at our new camp about 1130 just in time for a much needed travel break. Once again we were greeted with huge building cloudy skies making for a wonderful photographic opportunities. With an altitude of 5600 ft, the air was crisp and free of haze. At 1500, we were off again for our first safari in the northern area. The incredible rocky outcrops, called kojpes, and rolling hills of the northern area are not to be missed. It was not soon into the afternoon that we were presented with a small pride of lions taking it easy under a tree adjacent to a large kojpe formation. On the way back to camp, we stopped to photograph the dung beetle rolling his ball of dung proudly down the road. Another great day in the Serengeti.

Nikon D3X, 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 160, ISO 320, 1/250 sec at f/8.0.  This image was taken here

Cheers and happy photo’ing.