Primates Safari: Uganda & Rwanda - Day 1

Partly cloudy, 90F, humidity 80%, light breeze

The Primates Safari that I am leading for Eyes On Africa, has started.

With nearly two days of travel followed by a late arrival last night into Entebe and onward to Kampala, we soon found ourselves at the Lake Victoria Serena Hotel, our home for the next two nights. Today was a bit of R&R as we started our prep for our bush flight tomorrow that will take us deep into the jungle for the following 4 days. During the day, we hit the market for a bit of street photography. Judging by the reactions of the market folks, they seldom see the likes of us just wandering around the market with our cameras in had. At first the locals were very difficult to approach however, with a little bit of humor, lots of smiles and some serious clowning around, we soon had more photo ops than we could deal with. What kind and wonderful people they were and man, can they smile. The power of a smile still amazes me.