Seems like everyone wants to know what I shoot with and what tools I use, so here are the goods.  Although not a complete list, it will certainly give you a good idea of my equipment and how I use it.

I have been a Nikon shooter from the very beginning.  Today, I rely on three basic camera bodies for my 35mm requirements.


Nikon D4: This is my go to camera when I need a high frame rate and very low noise.  I use this camera when I need to STOP action or when I am doing aerial work. 

Nikon D810:  I use the D810 when I am working on a tripod or on a solid support system and when I need the extra file size but don’t have room for my medium format great.  I have to pay attention to my ISO for avoid noise impacts.

Nikon D750:  This is my body choice when I need a low noise solution and larger file size that the D4 and I am not concerned about a high frame rate.

Nikon Glass:  14-24mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm, 200-400mm f4.5, 300mm f5.6 FL, and the new 400mm f2.8 FL (my all-time favorite lens).  I am in love with the new fluorite glass that Nikon has introduced.  I once considered the 200-400mm my go to safari lens however, I have moved to more fixed focal length glass and could not be happier.


Three years ago, I struggled with the move to medium format to support my desire to incorporate more landscapes into my body of work.  After serious evaluation and moths of anguish surrounding my choices, I decided that Hasselblad H5D40 was the best choice for my requirements.  I could not be happier and I have never looked back.  I have been able to produce images from my Hasselblad that simply would not be possible with my Nikon systems.   For landscape work, my Hasselblad is my first camera of choice.  The newer H5D50c is simply amazing.  This new body coupled with a gyro stabilizer allows me to obtain some great aerial images.

Hasselblad Glass:  28mm f/4, 35-90mm f4-5.6 (one of my most favorite lenses), 150mm f3.2, and 210mm f4.

Tripod and Support Systems: Really Right StuffTVC-43: Versa Series 4, Panorama Ball Head Really Right Stuff  BH55-PCLR with PC-LR Clamp, camera L brackets,  and nodal rails.

Camera Cases and Backpack  Pelican and Guru Gear.

Filters: Complete LEED ND Grad filter set with adapters, kept in a Filter Hive from Mind Shift.

Software:  Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, most current editions, OnOne, Topaz, Nik, Imagenomic Noiseware.

 Printers: I rely on Epson and use the 3880 and the large format printer 9890.  My papers of choice include Modab Entrada, and Canson Photographic.