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Antarctia Photography Expedition - 2019

Join me and 10 other Professional Photographers on this 12-day all-inclusive photographic Muench Workshop expedition where you’ll have opportunities to photograph the beautiful and diverse wildlife and incredible polar landscapes of the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic Peninsula. We’ve timed our expedition at the end of Antarctic spring and the very beginning of summer, when there’s still a chance for fresh snow and the wildlife is beginning to be most active.

This year’s expedition is longer than our previous trips: we have 7 full days at the Antarctic Peninsula—more than most expeditions. Because our ship and group size are smaller, we have access to all approved landing spots in the South Shetland Islands and Antarctica—we can go places where the large cruise ships can’t. Not only that, but our smaller group size allows us more time for photography at each landing, something that is severely compromised when you are on a ship that has more than 100 passengers.

This expedition will mark my 5th time into Antarctica, a place that is so awe-inspiring that I find myself returning as often as I can. The white is so pure and the silence is deafening. Join us!