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SOLD OUT  Greenland is about 836,000 square miles, and mostly covered in ice. We’ll spend 8 days sailing in a tiny portion of this enormous country, but will be completely immersed in one of the largest landscapes you’ll ever see. Our twin-masted schooner, Donna Wood will take us through Scoresby Sund, visiting many amazing glaciers, mountains and icebergs. Scoresby Sund is located on the Eastern shore of the country, just north of Iceland. We‘ll fly over from Reykjavik, thus maximizing our time in the Fjords. 

There’s a chance we’ll see Arctic Hare and Musk Ox while taking one of our many walks on shore. We’ll anchor in just the right spots so that we can photograph sunrise and sunset from the shore. This will be a great opportunity to create landscapes with your tripods and filters, as opposed to all the hand held work done from the deck of the boat. This time of year the night will stay quite bright allowing for a sleep or more photography.

When we’re not photographing or eating a fresh hot meal in our dining room, we’ll be reviewing images and learning post processing techniques. Bring your laptop and enjoy editing in the main cabin, or simply read your favorite book and sip on some hot tea while we’re sailing to the next location. Cold weather suits are provided, but often when the sun is out a T-shirt will be all you need to enjoy the views. Expect to be amongst a group of like-minded photographers who will want to work hard to “get the shot”. We’ll be up early and up late, because there are more than 17 hours of daylight in Greenland at this time of year! 

This workshop pairs up perfectly with the Iceland West Fjords workshop, which follows right after Greenland.