Wildebeest Video – Safari Update Day 7

As we started our move from move from Robanda to Mbaligiti, we found ourselves directly in the middle of one of the main herds of migrating Wildebeests.  This time of the year (May), they are on their way from the calving grounds of the Southern Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area to the northern Serengeti and then onward to Kenya – only to return again in September and October when the rains begin.

So here is my very first video from my D4 (I have have the camera since it came out, I just don’t shoot  video and now I am having second thoughts).  I really like having the massive elephants in the background – just wish I have figured out the video focusing a bit faster.

Then there was this little elephant who just figured out that if he trumpeted and charged into the herd of Wildebeests, he could get an reaction from them, causing them to run.  Every safari, I always observe some type of animal behavior that I have not seen before.  What fun……

DSC4035 from Randy Hanna on Vimeo.

These movies were taken here

Cheers and happy photo’ing