The Pinks Are In

The annual migration of the Pink Salmon from saltwater to fresh water for spawning is underway on the Puyallup River.  The fishermen and women are shoulder to shoulder in hopes of taking a few fish home.  After painting the front of the house for two days, I got permission to leave the compound.   I grabbed the camera, my dry pants and headed for the river.  I caught the last light of the evening and even took a spill in the water as my wet boots caught a large underwater rock.  I went in up to my shoulder and all I could think about was getting my camera up over my head.  With all of the fishermen looking on, a few water drops were all that hit my D700, but man was the water running down the inside of my dry pants COLD.  Being cold and wet, I was now more interested in getting out of the water rather than getting a great shot.  Unless I decide to return over the next day or so, the shot below will have to do.

Fishermen as far as one can see

Success can be measured by the fish in hand or on the stringer.  The young lady below smiled from ear to ear when she finally landed her fish.

I have mine, where is yours?

Of course a visit to the river is never complete without a stop at my favorite roadside fruit stand for some home grown veggies and fruits.  Wet up to the neck after my spill in the river, in I went.  Soon Autumn will be here and the fresh fruits from the Yakima Valley will be a thing of the past;  already gone are the Walla Walla Sweets.