The Flight to Africa..almost

This storm thing in DC has really missed things up for me however, I can finally smell Africa from here.  With snowmageddon  2014 forecast for Washington DC hitting the exact time I was supposed to fly out, I decided several days earlier to do some workarounds to ensure I arrived into Tanzania on schedule.  I booked a weird connection from Seattle to San Francisco to DC one full day prior thinking that they would have at least 12

hours to clear the snow.  Based on the folks at United, this seemed link a solid plan.  Arriving at the airport, I found that my plane from SFO to DC had been canceled with not so much as a work or email alert to my phone.  I soon found myself re-booked the following day for a connection from Seattle to SFO to Frankfurt Germany to Dubai to Addis Abba, Ethiopia and finally onward to Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania.