The Beat of Hawaii and Beyond

Hey folks, I wanted to share with you a nice web site I found some time ago focused on Hawaii.  I have been following these guys for several months and have concluded that they are NOT jaded by the commercial travel industry.  They continue to be a great source for outstanding airfares and other solid values in the islands that are often over looked or simply not published.  They have become my one stop shopping for Hawaiian travel.  So hike over to their site and give it a look.  As they put it ‘We’re Hawaii Based, Irreverently Not Commercial, and All Travel‘. Want to keep up with them?  Simply grab their feed and put it in your favorite reader and off you go.

Yes you guessed it, I will be heading to Hawaii for a little fun and some serious work.  While there, I hope to put to use some new lighting equipment that should be arriving shortly.  Specifically, I’ll be using some Lastolite light shaping tools and the new Nikon SB900 coupled with two or more SB800′s.  My goal is to better harness the fading ambient light with balanced fill flash.  I’ll be using a rear curtain drag for scene motion as well.  As you can tell, I already have some shots in mind.  Keep posted for the images and let’s see if I can get all of the calculations to yield a decent photograph. Look out beach folks, I’m looking for a cute couple with a surfboard.

Cheers and happy photo’ing