Tanzania Safari: Day 2

Last night, we enjoyed a delicious dinner, celebrated a birthday (with a delicious birthday cake made in the bush) and retired early. My campers experienced their first night sleeping in the bush amongst the lions, zebras, and monkeys, oh my!

After listening to the wildebeest and zebras chomping on their late-night meals on our doorstep, we awoke and ate a breakfast of scrumptious eggs, bacon, and pancakes, and washed it all down with fresh juices and piping hot caffeinated goodness. All the while, the sun was rising above our camp like a huge glowing globe, as intense clouds starting filling the sky. It was a glorious moving portrait of what a sunrise should be.

We headed to the Mara River in hopes of photographing a river crossing as herds of wildebeest cross from Kenya into Tanzania. Just when we thought we weren’t going to have an opportunity to witness a crossing, we spotted a large group of wildebeest massing – just looking for a reason to cross. With little notice, they charged into the river, presenting us with not one, but two crossings!

We headed back to camp a bit early to process our images and take a well-deserved intermission. As I close this entry for the day, the clouds are building and the wind is starting to gust… maybe an African rainstorm lull us to sleep tonight.