Tanzania Safari: Day 8

We said our farewells to the wonderful staff at the Thomson Ngorongoro Crater Nyumba who made our stay so special and headed out to Gibb’s Farm

Gibb’s is stunning. It’s an oasis perched in the highlands with endless gardens and a vast coffee plantation – beauty is everywhere you turn! They serve organic, farm-to-table meals; all of our dining experiences there were second to none! 

Leska, a Maasai medicine man, enlightened our group with a talk about his healing practices and the role he plays in his community. We learned a lot from him! 

I also gave a presentation where I reviewed a number a photographs shot from our trip and demonstrated various ways to process them in Lightroom. It was great fun to take a look back at our safari as a group – my guests took some great photos!

With the outdoor shower calling me, it was time to prepare for our final dinner before you knew it!


Tanzania Safari: Day 6

I always enjoy the dramatic shift of scenery when we move from the plains of the central Serengeti to the lush acacia forests on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater. During our journey we saw several lions and a cheetah stalking a Grant's gazelle. In no time flat, though, the gazelle got wind of the cheetah, and no chase ensued.

Before arriving at the Thomson camp on the rim of the crater, we stopped at my favorite Maasai village where I did some environmental portrait lessons with my clients. Linda captured me hamming it up with one of the elder women before we started shooting. We had a blast! 

Tomorrow is our big day on the floor the Ngorongoro Crater, so it is off to bed early with a full moon gliding high above us.