Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Safari

We went big on our last full day on the Namiri Plains… and by big, I mean BIG cats! It was all about lions and cheetahs today; we saw a lot. The lion photographed here is named Ziggy, like Ziggy Marley, because of his dreadlocks. The tall grasses can wreak havoc on a lion’s mane – their hair gets entwined on the grasses causing massive tangles and mats, which eventually become dreadlocks. Without a comb (or leave-in-conditioner) in sight, the dreadlocks keep growing – it’s almost impossible to stay well groomed for a lion with a sizable mane like Ziggy’s.

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Tanzania Safari: Day 1

Kicking off another Thomson Safaris Photo Safari with a BANG! 

After a wonderful overnight in Arusha at Rivertrees Country Inn, we found ourselves flying high over the Serengeti aboard two charter Cessna 208 Caravans. As we touched down at Kogatende, wildebeest and zebra flooded the sides of the runaway, and as soon as the propeller stopped, a herd of elephant ran across the end of the runway.

We were treated to a wonderful lunch at the Thomson Safaris Nyumba camp before heading out on our first game drive of the safari. Within a mere 30 minutes of our journey, we came across two lioness and 8 cubs. The family gave us quite a show – the cubs were very curious about us and the movements of the Land Rovers. Talk about a killer start to our safari!