Botswana Safari: Chobe River, Day 7

We took our last bush flight to Kasane and settled into Chobe Savanna Lodge along the banks of Namibia. After border crossing and customs, we were ready for our first afternoon on the river. 

The Chobe River is all about birds, and occasionally catching elephants swim across the river; today was no exception: elephants were everywhere, and there were birds galore! 

I’ll give you more details on our sightings along the river soon but first, check out this photo taken by my client, Jim Guerard at our last camp. Jim caught the evening light falling on a large male leopard – a great shot!


Botswana Safari: Okavango Delta, Khwai - Day 3

We focused fully on leopards during our last day in Khwai. It paid off with a number of good sightings as well as interesting behavior observations. One of the highlights was witnessing a spotted hyena – boldly – take a fresh kill away from a leopard!

I played a lengthy session of cat and mouse with another leopard; she kept poking her head around the back of a tree, but never revealed her entire body.


Tanzania Safari: Day 5

Many of my clients went hot-air ballooning this morning; afterwards we were off to the heart of the central Serengeti in search of more cats. Our efforts really paid off with cats galore, including one of the largest male leopards I have ever seen. 

Another special treat was watching a mother cheetah and her three immature boys on a fresh a kill. After they finished their meal, they went for a drink in a nearby ditch, posing for us the whole way.

Total cat count thus far: 18 lions plus 10 cubs, 2 leopards, and 7 cheetahs.