And the Serengeti Never Disappoints

Our first stop today was the Retima Hippo Pool followed by a journey to the Maasai Kopjes. These Kopjes turned out to be a great bet as they produced two huge male lions and two females with three cubs estimated at 3 months of age. Although the cubs were located deep inside a tangled web of tree trunks, making photography very difficult, they were fun to watch. On the way back to camp, we were treated to a huge herd of herd of giraffes, some 60 strong with many young ones. Zebras were scattered among the giraffes and heading our way is a long line of Wildebeests. An impressive African sunset, sitting around the campfire telling stories from the bush with zebras, hyenas, lions roaring in the distant – it is going to be a noisy but relaxing African evening.

The Great Migration Herds Head On

Another magnificent day in the Serengeti. Before we left the camp area, we came across some 50 giraffes and about 100 zebras just hanging out taking advantage of the tall grasses and the lush trees. What a way to start the morning! Last night I received a game report at dinner concerning the migration herd. I made the decision to rise early and make a long drive to the Lobo area in hopes of running into the wildebeest herds. My hunch paid off in spades with wildebeests as far as the eye could see. Along the way we were treated to three cheetahs and of course some wonderful cloud formations that made for some great landscapes. I wonder what tomorrow will hold for us in the Seregenti?


Blogging live from the Serengeti........

Hello Serengeti

We left Rivertrees very early this morning for our private charter flight to the Serengeti. Within 20 minutes of leaving the airstrip located in the central Serengeti, we found a pride of 15 lions all in a huge tree. Several of the young ones left the large tree and attempted to try their skills at climbing a much smaller nearby tree with limited success. Clearly THE SAFARI HAS BEGUN.

Continuing onward, the plains of the Serengeti soon turned green with lush tall grasses everywhere. Before we knew it, we had 4 of the big 5 photographed; now only for the Rhino.

Blogging live from the Serengeti.........

Having fun on Safari

We are serious about photography.
We are serious about game viewing and putting you in the right place at the right time to take awesome photographs.
We are serious about having fun on our safaris.

Join me this September in Tanzania for a photo safari that will change the way you see the world!

Cheers and happy photo'ing