She’s Off!

Many of you know, both of my daughters as well as my two son-in-laws are  in the military as Officers.  Today I spoke with Coogan (the youngest and a 2006 graduate from the US Air Force Academy), just before she boarded her flight from Virgina to Afghanistan.  While deployment is a father’s worst nightmare, I know that she is well trained and will be well taken care of .  During her frequent visits, I am always able to sneak in a few photos sessions with Coogan.  She is a great model and a true champ when it comes to tolerating Dad’s continuous testing of new lighting equipment.  So in tribute to Coogan, here are a few shots of her from our most recent shoot in October.  Take care dear and be safe.

Love Dad

All images above were taken with a Nikon D700, 70-200 VR lens, SB900′s in 24 inch Lastolite softboxes.