Safari Update – What Worked Well On My Last Safari

After each safari I consult my travelers and make a list of what went well, as well as those things that need improvement.  For this post, I will highlight what worked well for us or those things that made our lives on safari just a bit better (or a lot in some cases).  Before we get to the list, I would like to share the photo below.  I seldom have my photo taken, but Steve was able to capture my sheer joy of being in the bush.  If I had my way, I often wonder if I could find a way to simply live there.

That Safari Grin

The top fifteen tips or observations of what worked well on the last safari:

  1. Ramadan did not pose a problem while in Dubai.  Before you go, spend time learning to work around cultural events in foreign countries.
  2. While Fairview was nice and always my first choice for lodging in Kenya however, you need to stay in the main building (rooms 3 and 5).
  3. Transfers with additional camera equipment between Kenya and Tanzania with Precision Air, was relatively painless.
  4. All coordinated transfers were painless.
  5. Packing and planning well in advance for differing conditions reduced shooting stress.
  6. Mobile camp at Senera (unit) was really special – fast response by Thomson’s to alter location to better support photography clients (BIG PLUS – these guys are simply the best).
  7. Mobile camp at Kekogona was perfect for northern work and river crossings.
  8. Inverters in the trucks are great support.
  9. Amod tracking device was flawless, and worked well on rechargeable batteries.
  10. Hyperspace worked great, less the combat card issue and having one of the units dropped which fractured the hard drive connection point.
  11. Jerimah Beach Hotel in Dubai is THE place to stay (not cheapest)
  12. The maps that Thomson’s provided was used often buy all of the travelers – great resource.
  13. Difficult but rewarding hike up the side of Mount Meru.  This was an optional trip for some of my travelers.  Great to do if you are in shape.
  14. English-Swahili ‘Useful Phrases, TMP Book Department – TABORA’ – the best book I’ve seen thus far.
  15. A visit to Shangaa, was rewarding as usual.

Cheers and happy photo’ing