Safari Update – Tarangire and Gibbs Farm

Tarangire, Gibbs Farm or Lake Manyara – really a challenge to pick which place to favor!  However, two days in Tarangire resulted in our spotting of three leopards (more than most people see in an entire safari!), two cheetahs, hundreds of elephants, lots of giraffes, and of course the too-many-to-count gazelles, wart hogs, impalas, and water bucks.  Really can’t imagine better two days!
Of course now that we’re at Gibbs Farm, feasting on the organic home grown vegetables and home-made breads, and sipping on some terrific organically grown coffee, this now seems to be the perfect spot!  Nestled against the national park forest, Gibbs Farm provides a respite from the dust of the safari. As I write this bog from the desk in my cabin, I’m overlooking the lush, green, and seemingly endless valley planted with corn, coffee and numerous other vegetables.  To finish off the day, we walked to a clearing in the forest where I demonstrated the Nikon Creative Lighting system as we photographed several Masaai in their traditional dress (see photo below).
And finally, our day trip to Lake Manyara is not to be forgotten. We visited the hippo pool and got a special treat — most of the several dozen hippos were out of the water due to the cool weather. Several of the younger males put on a great show of aggressive positioning within the herd – a great exhibit of big mouths, big teeth, and lots of dust as other hippos cleared out of their path. Tomorrow we scoot to Ngorongoro Crater –  this will be out last update until the end of the journey.  Meanwhile, enjoy some photos from the travelers on this safari: