Safari Update Day 8 and 9

Weather: clear skies, sunup 0616, light breeze, 65F and already starting to climb.

Due to a lack of communication infrastructure in the northern area, I thought I would push off one last post about what our next three days will be like. Will will break camp this am at 0800 in order to be at the Retima Hippo Pool just in time for some heavy hippo action. From there, we will travel to our next camp in the Kogakuria region. This region offers a rare glimpse at the often un-explored northern Serengeti. Arriving in time for a hot lunch, I will follow the lunch with several sessions on histograms and post processing in lightroom. The afternoon safari will focus on the unique rock formations and the big cats that are known to hang out in these areas. The next day will focus on activity around the Mara River and all that comes with that area.

So as I say so long from a couple of days of posting, here is a shot of me writing this blog from the front of my tent as I look toward an incredible view of the Serengeti plains during sunrise….what a view.