Safari Update – Day 7 (no gallery)

Today was about travel from our Serengeti camp to our private camp at Ndutu.  Due to the heavy rains the previous night, I made the decision to route along the main road vs. through Meru Kojpes.  Along the way we observed 12 lions watching 4 cape buffalos very close to them.  A buffet right in there face, they decided not to make a run at them.  Later we hit the great migration as we turned off of the main road south of Nobi Hill to Ndutu.  Tons of wildebeest and a couple of lions to boot.  After arriving at camp, a simply wonderful location overlooking Lake Ndutu, the heavens opened up with a double whammy of heavy rain and wind causing the rain to go sideways.   Thunder and lightening right on top of us, topped the night off.

Below is a shot from our camp near Rongai; talk about a room with a view.

While moving toward our new campsite, Susan caught this African Brown Parrot in mid flight just after leaving its perch. Great work Susan!

Cheers from the Serengeti.