Safari Update – Day 6 (no gallery)

Retima Hippo Pool was a big hit although the hippos settled down about 30 minutes after we arrived.  Two pair of mating lions from yesterday were the talk of the night in the tech tent. After a great lunch, we headed for Maasai Rock Paintings and Gong Rock.  One of my favorite areas, everyone was in awe as we photographed the incredible landscapes.  Our stay at our our camp in the central Serengeti (Prince Charles site located near Rongai) will come to an end in morning as we head back into the great migration on the way to our new camp in the Ndutu area.  NOTE:  Once in the Ndutu area, there will be no posting due to a lack of cell coverage.  I'll catch back up with the updates as soon as I get coverage.

The photos below were taken by Tien Phan and Victor Nemeth.