Safari Update Day 5 – Tanzania

23 May

Morning temp: 62F

Today started out very early for most of the team as they went ballooning. While others were ballooning, three of us went on a safari deep into Korongo Lajohn Valley ending up at the Masai Kopjes. As we pushed through the massive herds of wildebeests, it was difficult to get a photograph that would convey the shear mass of the herd. How could you take a single photograph of 1 million wildebeest moving across the Serengeti? I could spend hours and hours working these massive herds. The Kopjes gave us three lionesses and three wonderful leopards. Although the leopards were just out of good photo range, it was wonderful to see them in action. With rains on the horizon and heading directly for us, It is early to bed with a very early rise in the morning as we ready for another great adventure.

Cheers and happy photo’ing.  Blogging live from the Serengeti.