Safari Update Day 4 – Tazania

22 May

We woke this morning for our last morning on the rim of the crater to find warmer weather than our past two days due to a huge thick cloud bank with the classic African high altitude mist. Shortly after breakfast, we said our goodbyes to our wonderful camp staff and we were off to our next camp in the Serengeti. Stopping at the Ngorongoro Park HQ for fuel and a quick bathroom break, we took the obligatory photograph at the park sign. Next stop was Oldupai Gorge, where we took in a lecture about the famous archeological digs and their findings including Lucie. Our next stop for at the Nobi Hill Gate and our formal entry into the Serengeti National Park. Thinking that this was going to be an uneventful drive to our next camp, I decided not to ready any of my camera equipment. Much to my surprise, I found myself in a dead scramble when 50km past the gate, we ran smack dab into a huge part of the great migration. The herd stretched all the way from Simba Kopjes to the Seronera Area. Leaving the herd after a few wow’s, it was time to continue to camp. We reached our wonderful Rhobanda Camp about 4pm. Following a little bit of a kick back, I used the time to walk everyone through the various sensor cleaning procedures that I have found to be very successful.

With thunder and lightning in the distance, it is early to bed tonight for a much needed recovery sleep. Tomorrow, it is off to photograph more of the migration and to look for cats.

Cheers and happy photo’ing. Blogging live while on safari from the heart of the Serengeti.