Safari Update Day 4 (no gallery)

The images above were taken by Erin Boucher while in the Crater.

Today was all about the drive from the Crater to our camp in the central Serengeti.   With an educational stop at Oldapi Gorge,  we continued our journey.  As we crossed the park boundary, a sea of wildebeests open up before us, all in the west side of the road heading toward Ngorongoro Conservation Area.  At camp Kileo, Kumbi studied the map  and  reviewed our options for our next day.  We decided to make a long run first thing in the morning in hopes of catching the herd before they enter the Conservation Area.  After another great meal and a quick turn in the camera tech tent, it's time to call it a night.  Just as I put my head to the pillow,  a welcomed breeze has come up and I can hear lions in the distance.