Safari Update Day 2 – Tanzania

20 May

Sunrise 0600

Temperature 54F

Early rise this morning as we had breakfast at 0530 in order to be at the gate by 0620 for the magical descent into the Ngorongoro Crater and what a magical treat it was. Heavy clouds had moved in over the night however, they had started clearing by the time we hit the bottom of the crater floor. Today we saw lots of wildebeests exhibiting rutting behavior typical of this time of the year. Although most of this was at a bit of a distance for our photography, it was wonderful to observe. Also at a distance were a number of Rhinos. We also observed and photographed some lions demonstrating their lazy day behavior, just laying around. At the start of the day, I took some landscape shots as well as at the end of the day just before we started up the hill to end our day. Shortly after our wonderful classic Tanzanian meal, the temperature really started to fall as the the clouds left us with clear skies. It will be a nice crisp cool sleep tonight. Today is another full day in the crater. Everyone is jammed with excitement in anticipation of what tomorrow will bring. Off to bed now for some needed sleep.

Cheers and live blogging from Tanzania