Safari Update – Day 2 – 18 Feb 2014

NOTE:  Communication Error.  As hard as I tried to blog live from the bush, the guys that live in the cell towers just would not let it happen.  While my XCom Global device could see the towers, there was never a connection that would allow for live blogging, other than the one hit I had on the floor of the crater.  As  result, I will be playing catch up with daily summaries upon my return.  In hind site, I’m sort of glad this happened.  Rather than spending time in the camera tent working up images for the next daily posting, I found myself sitting around the campfire or in the lounge tent hang’in out with my clients.

Safari Day 2
18 Feb 2014
Ngorongoro Crater
0600, 60 F Cloudy skies, burning off by mid morning with showers in the afternoon

Early to rise with excitement in the air as we prepared to descend into the crater floor shortly after sunrise. As always the descent was magical and the game viewing an eye-opener for everyone. 9 Black Rhinos, multiple female lions with three different litters of cubs, and of course the giant bull elephants in the distance. A field lunch was served near the hippo pool and photography was the buzz of the meal. Later in the afternoon a storm system blew through parts of the crater driving many of the visitors to leave early. We of course, stayed for the entire day and found additional lions and numerous zebras fighting. Before we knew it, we were heading back to our camp with lots of photographs and stories of our wildlife viewing.

For some reason, seeing the Maasai Warriors using cell phones and digital cameras makes me smile. Some sort of ying and yang thing I guess or maybe it is the old world meeting the new. This Warrior picked up a camera and used it like a pro.

The rolling hills on the floor of the Ngorongoro Crater change as the light changes. From deep shadows to highlights on the ridge line, they are a light show all unto themselves.

As with all evening meals, we go around the table with everyone recounting their personal highlights from the day. Tonight the table talk was all about first contact with the wildlife and the incredible scenery and the first lion sighting along with the 9 Rhinos.

Cheers and happy photo’ing