Safari Update – Day 1 – 17 Feb 2014

Safari Day 1

17 Feb 2014

River Trees County Inn to Ngorongoro Crater

0630, light rain moving to high overcast.  African Down pour at Gibbs Farm

After a quick breakfast we were off the Gibbs Farm for a wonderful organic lunch. I took time to look at everyone’s sensors to ensure that we all started out clean for the next shooting event. Making our way to the rim of the Crater, we stopped at a Maasai Village for an educational tour. While there, I rounded up a couple of Maasai warriors for an impromptu portrait session. Several of my clients walked away with some winners and what way to start our photo safari. After our meal, most of us returned to the camera tent where I processed a number of images for my clients and did a brief overview of Lightroom and how I process images in the field. So here are a couple of images from my clients and one of my portraits from the day. BTW, image with a white light in it was taken inside a Maasai Boma. The light beam was hitting the warrior in the face. Great work Andrea! Martien also caught a Maasai woman carrying firewood along the roadside.

Cheers and happy photo’ing