Safari Update Day 1

 Day 1 Safari update 29 Aug 2012


Cool overcast am at 70F turning to scattered clouds mid 80s at the park.

First day of our safari started with a cool overcast morning as we departed Arusha for Tarangire National Park. As it was market day we scooted through a number of busy colorful markets where everything from shoes to bananas to jewelry was being sold or traded. We challenged our abilities to “shoot as we move” through the crowds, capturing a little market activity. 

Once we entered Tarangire, we were treated to several herds of zebras mixed with wildebeests, a few elans and waterbucks, then finally multiple herds of elephants and a few lions scattered among the grasses near the river. We were treated to one herd of elephants walking right across the road in front of our vehicle as well as several elephants chasing two young male lions. 

In addition to elephants and lions, we spotted a large variety of birds as evidenced by this shot of a Pale Chanting Gsohawk, as photographed by Kathy Hanna.

Back at the Camera Tent is was a night of sensor cleaning, as I looked and cleaned just about every camera in the group and did some quick Lightroom demonstrations.

As luck would have it, I had some serious trouble getting any connections to the internet for posting..