Safari Update – 27 Aug 2011 – Quotable Notes

Back home and filled with wonderful memories.

Over the next few postings, I’ll be hitting the highlights of what worked on the trip as well as what did not work or is in need of further exploration.  For today, it’s all about those precious quotable quotes from the field.  On every safari, there are always one liners that need to be remembered.  So here are some of the beauts from the trip:

Kenya: To our driver: Who lives in the large nice houses? Response: “Only the corrupt people.”

Tanzania: Is that a lion or an Ostrich with a tail?

“Haraka Haraka Hyena Baraka”

Warning: Elephants running toward you ARE closer than they appear in your lens.

Is someone going to give us a class on scat identification?  There is a nice pile of something over there.

My tent was next to the parade of ants.

Beware of women carrying hoes….I did not take her picture, see……

Kale kakuku kadogo kako kwako kaka (Swahili tongue twister: Is the little chicken at your place my brother?)

Simba mwenda pole ndio mla nyama (A lion that walks slowly is the one who is successful)

Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea.

Always drink upstream from the herd.


Cheers and happy photo’ing