Safari update 25 Aug

Kogakuria Camp Site to Arusha

Weather: Clear skies with a slight cool breeze from the west.

Today was all about travel. We said our good byes to the wonderful camp staff and broke camp at 0800 for the Kogatende Air Strip to meet our aircarft for our trip to Arusha Municipal Airport.  With mostly clear skies below us, it was a wonderful flight allowing us to see from above, where we had been over the past safari days.  After landing in Arusha, we proceeded to Shanga River House for a killer departure lunch.   Shanga as become a very special place to me, one where my face is very well known.  It is such a warm feeling to recognized by the crafts people of Shanga, words can’t describe it.  The mission of the Shanga River House is to teach deaf and mute native Tanzanian people a skill that will allow them to be productive members of their family.  From the Shanga Web site:   Shanga Shangaa was founded as a for-profit company to create a community that would support and empower those Tanzanians who have been marginalized by their disabilities.  By providing an open and safe environment, disabled Tanzanians are able to realize their potential, develop new skills, build relationships based on respect and improve their own lives.  Using recycled materials and producing at a sustainable level allows Shanga Shangaa to continue to expand and offer these opportunities far into the future.

Two years ago, I spent a full day at the River House doing some volunteer photography for some of their promotional materials.  I will never forget how the people of Shanga helped me construct a huge sun shade for the photo shoot.  It was comical to them to watch this photo guy battle the bright African sun,  and we still talk about it when I visit Shanga.  Today, Shanga has grown in production size, both in their bead work and in the fabric work.  During my visit they the manager announced that they would soon be opening a furniture store in downtown Arusha.  Please take time to visit the Shanga web site for additional information.

As we started loading up the trucks, I always remember the smile that comes across my face when I look over my shoulder and see the greeting wall, as seen below.

From Shanga it is off to our day rooms and then to the airport where the safari group splits into two groups, one heading directly home and the others heading into Kenya for two more full days of adventures.


Cheers and ulala salama