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Kogakuria Camp Site

24 Aug 2011

Weather: Clear skies, cool with a light breeze.

Today was about wonderful landscapes and a drive deep into the plains of the northern Serengeti in search of cheetah and rhino. Crossing the Bolognja River, it was classic cheetah country. Green rolling hillsides dotted with trees and rock outcroppings. As we paralleled the Bolognja River, we were treated to a 5 meter long Black Momba on the top of an ant mount.  This makes two mombas that we have seen on this trip (green and black).   With the speed that this snake went into the deserted ant mound,  it is very clear to me why ant mounts should be avoided at all costs.  With the Nyamalumbwa Hills on the left and Barakupes Hills to the right, we continued our drive toward the turn-off to Klein’s Camp Gate for lunch.  In the distance, Kick Rock Lodge (Kenya) to the left and the rolling Barakupes Hills to rear, we could see for miles and miles.   In the the morning, wildebeests were everywhere dotting the hillsides.  By our return, they had moved south to a point that there numbers were very few.  Returning to camp about 4pm, it was time to repack and ready ourselves for our charter flight tomorrow from the northern Serengeti to Arusha and later on-ward to Kenya. What a great day for viewing this wonderful countryside. I hope to return to do some serious landscape work around these rolling hills and kopjes.