Safari update, 21 Aug

Weather: Mostly clear with scattered clouds

After giving our camp staff a great goodby, we were off for a long drive to the Kogatende area. The drive did not not disappoint us, in fact it was one of the most rewarding drives I have had in Tanzania in a long time.  Crossing the Banagi River, we found ourselves at the entrance of the Lobo Valley area and surrounded by wonderful kopjes.  The recent rains have brought a massive push of new green grass shoots into the northern Serengeti. I am simply amazed at how fast the grass can go from brown to green with little rain. We have seen the area literally transform right before our eyes. Shortly after lunch, the clouds moved in giving us a bit of a reprieve from the sun and creating wonderful afternoon shooting conditions. Driving through the Lobo Valley area was one of rolling hills dotted with kopjes. Leopard, buffalo, lions, elan; they were all here. As we left the Lobo area heading toward Klein’s plains we hit the pay dirt, as we could begin to see the start of the great migration.   High on the ridge line looking into Klein’s valley, it was wall to wall wildebeest as far as the eye could see.  Kileo estimated that there could be ½ the total herd present in the valley (that could be as much as 3/4 million or more).   As we approached camp, we were treated to thousands of wildebeest running in front of our trucks.  I used this opportunity to demonstrate some panning techniques to one of my clients with great results.  I am sure we will have many more panning opportunities tomorrow.   We are getting reports of wonderful crossings, so we are very excited to tomorrow as we work the Mara River.  For now, it is off the bed and ready for an early rise.



Afya and Ulala salama