Safari update, 19 Aug

It was the morning of the cats. We were camped at Sero X-tra SCA, which put us in the middle of the action with only a 15 minute drive.  I started off the morning helping my clients with spot metering and auto ISO techniques.  These came in very handy as we soon found ourselves shooting a pair of leopards in trees against bright skies.  With the Maasai kopjes as a distant backdrop, we continued to work the Seronera swamp area where we found a serval cat and four cheetahs (mom and three cubs).  Back to camp for a wonderful lunch and a two hour break to put our feet up.  At 3pm, we were off to my favorite hippo area, Retima Pools.  The light turned out to be very harsh at the pools, so we decided to do some birding on the way back to camp.  With hot showers ordered and the sent of rain in the air, we hit the camera tent to review the days captures before the down poor hit.  It will be a great sleep with the rain storm hitting the tent.

Tomorrow, we are off to another exciting day, as we travel to Gong Rocks and the Meru Kojpes.

Kwa afya and lala salama