On Safari Again – Can’t Wait to Get Into the Mix

On Safari Again  – Can’t Wait to Get Into the Mix and get my Safari Fix

I’m currently in Dubai for a 12 hour layover enroute to Tanzania leading another ‘Through The Lens’ for Thomson’s Safari.  I was in the studio the entire day before departure, so my packing was a bit hurried this time around.  Although I wanted to go light with only carry-on items, I did not make it.  The objective with the carry-on approach was to keep from processing thru customs and immigration at UAE, simply to claim my bags and then recheck them all the time waiting for 12 hours in a horrible unsecure waiting area – no early check-in here.  I failed.  While I did reduce my non-camera junk to about ½ of what I normally take, I kept adding and adding camera gear.  This forced me to repack with my trusty Gura Gear 32L and a Chobe.   A small duffel that could have passed for a carry-on rounded out the package.  As I sit here, I can’t help but wonder what did I forget?  After landing, I braved the 102 degree F heat for a quick 1/4 mile dash from baggage to the food court where I found a power outlet.  Happy me. Below is my food court work station with bags ready to go.

I’m going in a day early to meet with long-time friend of mine (Susan Whalen) and the Director for ‘Save the Rain’.  It will be great to catch up and get a brief on how they are making a difference across Africa with the conservation program that focuses on bringing clean drinking water to remote areas of Africa.

Cheers and happy photo’ing.