Nik Software Silver Effects Pro 64bit

Finally, after far too long of a wait, Nik Software has released their 64bit plug-in product for CS4 and CS5.  I for one, have been frustrated by having to jump back and forth between the 32bit and the 64bit applications of photoshop when making use of Nik products (less Viveza).  This recent release will certainly make things much easier on my workflow.  I look forward for the 64bit release of the rest of the Nik product line.  If you own the 32bit version of Silver Effects Pro, the upgrade to the 64bit plug-in is free of charge so jump over to Nik Software and grab it.  BTW, I use this product almost exclusively in my black and white conversions, and it is simply hard to beat.  I would strongly suggest spending some time on the Nik site and make use of all of their training videos.

Cheers and happy photo’ing