Ngorongoro Crater

Started the morning with an early pre-dawn drive into the crater and it certainly paid off – we spotted a lioness ready to pounce on a limping zebra. Within a minute amidst dust and commotion we spotted the downed zebra and lioness; others were on their way to enjoy the spoils – hyenas, jackels and other scavengers waiting for the lioness to feast and leave. Too bad for them as the big male, four cubs and two more lionesses arrived. Papa lion decided to drag the zebra to the privacy and cool shelter of the trees by the river but the cubs wouldn't let go so Papa dragged the zebra and cubs still hanging on across the road right in front of us – what a treat!   The Munge pride was in great shape and well fed.

Moving toward the LaRai forest, we found a cheetah, several elephants, and two rhinos.  Early return to camp to clean our camera equipment and repack for  tomorrow we head north to the Serengeti – off to a great start.

Kwa afya and happy photo'ing.