New TSA Travel Restrictions on Flights to the US

Effective 4 January 2010

For travel from all foreign locations to the United States,
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has issued new security measures for all flights departing from any foreign location and traveling to the United States. These are in addition to the normal screening that all customers go through to enter secured areas. All customers should allow extra time for check-in and the boarding process and, as always, should check their flight status before departure.

Specific cities/countries carry additional restrictions. 

As an example, for travel from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to the United States Effective December 30, 2009, customers departing from Amsterdam Airport (AMS) en route to the United States will be limited to one carry-on bag, which may not exceed 45 linear inches or 114 linear centimeters (length + width + height). Medical assistance devices will be allowed in addition to the single carry-on item.

I have looked at several airline sites and have found considerable disparity, or a serious lack of updated information concerning this new requirement.  The most comprehensive information seems to be from United at,6867,53307,00.html#amsterdam

I am now giving serious consideration to taking the appropriate container to Africa, then using DHL to ship back to my office.  This will keep a very expensive piece of glass out of the hands of the TSA animals.