Masai Mara, Here We Come

After a brutal flight from Dubai to Nairobi aboard Emirates (the big guy does not do small seats very well), the three die-hard photographers will soon board our private charter flight taking us deep into the Masai Mara.  Rather than spending hours on the road, I selected a private charter option to maximize our shooting time on the ground.

I was excited to hear from the camp staff last night that large herds of Wildebeests are doing their river crossing activities.  With a little luck, I hope to put us right in the middle of the action.  For now, here is a graphic of what is going on (Source: Mara Bush Camp Migration Report):

Migration Report, 1 Aug 2010

For a generalized look at our first destination,   Mara Plains Camp, I have attached a map from their web site.  While at Mara Plains, I will find time to visit the Mara Bush Camp, which I will be using for my Kenya safari next year.  Off to the airport in about one hour, this will likely be my last posting for a while, unless I can catch a solid signal from the bush.

Mara Plains Camp Location