Lightroom 4 – about time

I can tell you that I have been a long time user of Lightroom (LR) 3 since it was first released.  Now, we have a seriously improved and massively updated version to play with.  For me this will re-define my workflow from start to finish.  The expanded brush controls are reason enough to jump into the new version.  As if this was not enough, the publishing module AND the price caused me to pause only about 5 milliseconds before I ordered my two copies.

This version is updated across all of the LR3 modules and I would strongly encourage you to spend some time across the ADOBE training sites for highlights of the new program.  Take the jump if these improvements are for you.

Once I return from Africa, I’ll do a fast update on how I used LR4 while on safari as well as a summary of the more serious improvements.

Cheers and happy Lightroom’ing