Last Safari Update – Funny Observations

On each safari, I always learn  from things that did not go as planned.  All of the items below have funny stories,  for the most part,  to go with each entry.  Just let your mind wonder and I am sure you can conjure up images to go along with tag lines.  If you are on a future safari with me, be sure to ask about any of these.

  1. When your taxi driver does not speak English, Swahili, or Arabic and you do not speak Hindi, there is a very good chance that you will not arrive at your desired destination without of lots of effort (rush).  No, I’m NOT going to learn Hindi (Dubai).
  2. Dropping your Nikon 14-24mm lens on asphalt in the middle of the night….yes, the open bag hot air syndrome again…Ouch.  Bounce went the Nikon and off to Melville for repairs upon my return (Dubai).
  3. Letting the driver put your camera gear in the back of the bus (should always go on your lap).  The transfer drivers always want to be most helpful however, lots of bags moving around in the dark of night made for unnecessary risks (Kenya).
  4. Hyperdrive transfer with the new Delkin 16GB COMBAT Drive (could not read the CF card) – needs a firmware fix. Lexar cardreader could read the card.
  5. One day delay from United caused us to miss several planned photographic opportunities in Dubai.  Better to have a 6 hour overlay and make the connection than to have a two hour overlay and miss an entire day and night of travel.
  6. Moving camera equipment from hotel room to conditions of high humidity and high heat, serious fogging.  Need to allow plenty of time for temp changes between shoots (Dubai).
  7. Do not surrender your camera bag to hotel staff (Dubai, Kenya) ;   they don’t understand your investment.  God gave us shoulders to carry our camera gear.

That’s the very last trip update for this past trip, yes is has taken some time to get to here.  What a great adventure and most importantly, a fun time was had by all with plenty of stories to go around.


Cheers and happy photo’ing.