Lapaz, Mexico and Whale Sharks

I left the snows of Seattle yesterday for Lapaz, Mexico.  After massive shopping (nearly all day) for full provisioning of the motor sailing vessel Orion, we are scheduled to leave the docks mid morning on the 31st.  Had a hoot doing shopping in a language that I did not speak or read – I think we did ok.   Up earlyin the am to shop at a local open air market for fresh fish then we are off the docks for a week of photography.  My job on this adventure is the chef for the evening meals and the local photo pro.  Our first evening meal on the sea will include cold guacamole soup for starters followed by fresh Mahi Mahi on rice infused with kalamata olive and tomatos.  I’ll figure out the rest of the meals tomorrow at the open air market.  Should be another adventure.

Weather saw a high of 76 today as wind and a cold front blew through.  Baromoter is on the rise (ths is good) with winds for tomorrow are predicted at 18 knots falling to 10-12 in the afternoon.  Sea state is predicted at less than 1.5 -2 foot windwaves in the islands with winds light and variable.  

Unless, I can catch a good signal in the islands, this will be my last posting until I return.

Cheers and happy photo’ing