Lady Washington Graces Charity Event

 Lady Washington Returning to Port

Nikon D2H, 80-200 VR, July 4th, 2005

This past weekend, a 30×40 print of “Lady Washington Returning to Port” was featured as the ‘fine art’ print at the Tacoma Yacht Club Charity Auction. Proceeds from the auction went to local maritime non-profit organizations and the Tacoma Yacht Club- Pierce County Junior Sailing program. The “Lady” will grace the main entry area in a Tacoma office building that is currently under construction for Darren Buck & Associates. Darren stated that he was proud to be the new owner of the photograph and added that timing was perfect with the arrival of the Tall Ships fleet this summer and the opening of his new office complex. Special thanks to all that made this charity event a success for the Tacoma community.