Kauai – Angry Clouds Over Pier

So we have been on Kauai for two days now and man have we been weathered in like you cant believe. We were one of the last planes to leave SFO before they closed the airport so we are very thankful for that. Others staying next door were not so lucky and did not get in until the following day.

The storm has forced us to locate and use locations other than those that I had planned on using, so today we took some time to do some scouting ending up at a seldom shot pier. The clouds were angry over the ocean and made for a wonderful treat to an otherwise uneventful day.

Tomorrow we are off the the great North Shore of Kauai for an afternoon wave shoot at Kie Beach, otherwise known as the End of the Road. Looking at the Photographers Emeritus, we should be sun directly behind the waves and according the the weather guys, the waves will be huge, guess we will be getting wet.

The image below was taken with a Hasselbald H5D40 using a Lee Baby Stopper plus a 2 stop ND for a total exposure of 30 seconds, ISO 200 at f/12.