June Safari Update – Day 5

Last night was filled with all of the sounds of Africa as Wildebeests, Zebra, Reed Bucks, Lions, and made their crazy noises all thru the night. I woke up about 0300 and made a quick audio recording of the racket. To top things off, we had one heck of a rain storm all through the night. The much needed rain and the wildebeests on the move made for an eventful night.  

Soon after the sunrise, I did a quick primer on motion panning and we were off to photograph the running wildebeests just outside the camp. Jeff Paradiso took a great panning shot of a running wildebeest.

Shortly thereafter, we arrived at the Retemi Hippo Pool for some hippo shots. Funny thing, you just never know who you will meet at the hippo pool. Don ran into some folks from Gig Harbor and Fox Island, both not far from my home in Puyallup.

Following lunch we returned to camp for a discussion on digital assess management and Lightroom processing.

With another African rain storm heading our way, It will be getting a great night’s sleep.

Cheers and happy photo’ing.

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