Iceland – Off to the Highlands – 28 July

Temp: 54F
Sunset: 2245
Duration of day: 18 hours, 2 minutes
Wind 25mph ESE
I thought I would get up early today and see some sun – NOT.  Instead I woke up at 0445, pulled the blinds back to a bright cloudy typical Northwest November morning – wait, I’m in Iceleand.  Today, we travel north to an area called the Highlands.  Josh puts it very simply, out in the middle of nowhere.  Reykjavik saw the heaviest rainfall in years, last summer.  This summer, they are surpassed what fell last year so I think it is going to be a wet one.  Weather here can change in just a matter of minutes so I am banking for light breaks to photograph this wonderful place.

Iceland Air Natura Hotel, Samsung Note 2