I thought I would start the first post of the New Year off with a short recap of 2008:

  • I started 2008 off by spending some 29 days in the bush of Tanzania.  My first safari was with my friend and African safari expert Andy Biggs, who gets the credit for introducing me to Tanzania and costing me lots of money.  This safari was followed by a 5-day private safari and then leading my own photo safari of 12 days for 12 great travel and photo clients. From planning to execution, I had outstanding support from Kathy.  Special thanks to Kaki, Gregg, Kelio, and the entire Thomson Safari Team for making my safaris a wonderful success.
  • The month of April turned out to be both difficult and joyous with the passing of my mother and the birth of our first grandchild, all within the same week.  Strange what life hands us to deal with from time to time.
  • In May, I gave away my youngest daughter in marriage to a really great young man, Paul Adams.
  • June and July were filled with planning and managing the photo pool for Tall Ships Tacoma.  What a great event.  Several of my Tall Ships photos were selected as promotional items, book covers, and gifts for VIPs.  I also landed the cover photograph of the Tacoma Business Directory and the Tacoma Pierce Transit Directory.  The Transit Authority told me they had a bus wrap of the Lady Washington but I was never able to photograph it on the road.  At this point I have to consider it a ‘vapor bus’.
  • In the fall I treated myself to a quick trip to Zion National Park. Sort of a scouting trip for a more serious trip next fall.  Although the weather was hit or miss, I was able to pull out several good images from the area.  I hope to hike deeper into the Narrows during my next trip.
  • With my 2009 African safari full, I completed my winter Feb 2010 trip plans to Tanzania.  Much to my surprise, this trip is already more than half full.
  • Nearly filled up the wine cellar.  Time to start drinking some of those hold-backs like the 1998 Silver Oak.
  • In early December, I presented a lecture on photographing in Africa to a filled room for the ‘Tacoma Travels’ series at Far and Wide.
  • And on the more serious side, our son-in-law headed to Afghanistan with the Army so our prayers are for his safe return to our daughter and new grandson.

Alexis, Kevin and Cole - "Departure Good-Byes"

So what is up for 2009?

  • Starting in early February, I’ll be leading another photo and wildlife viewing safari to Tanzania.
  • With my winter safari for 2010 is already scheduled and the itinerary set, I am in the early planning stages of offering an Aug 2010 trip on the heels of another adventure to South Africa with Andy Biggs.
  • In Aug I’ll be leading a photo safari to Iceland – the island of fire and ice.
  • In November, you can find me in Hawaii, New Mexico or Mexico – it all depends on the weather and the winds.
  • With the recent release of some new Nikon products such as the D700 and the D3x, no doubt Nikon will continue to get more of my money in 2009 than I desire to part with.  Some call this problem, NAS (Nikon Acquisition Syndrome).  NAS is a very dreaded syndrome with no real cure other than spending far too much money on camera equipment.

And now for those New Years’ Resolutions (at least the ones that I am willing to make public) that we all have and try to maintain:

  • More frequent postings on this blog site.
  • Continue my professional photography training and start trying to get my hands around Photoshop CS4.
  • Learn to harness the power of the Nikon Creative Lighting System by doing more on-location portrait work.
  • Sell more photographs and lead more safaris.
  • Shed 15 additional pounds and improve my overall fitness.

So there you have it; a little bit of the past and a glimmer into the future – at least as best I know it.

Now, go make a difference in the world:

  • Tell someone special that you love them today.
  • Do a good deed more frequently than not.
  • Be kind to Mother Earth.

Cheers to all and enjoy all of that surrounds you.