Gorillas from Victor

As I bring the posting about my recent photo safari to Rwanda, I wanted to share some images with you from one of my clients.  Rwanda represented Victor’s second photo safari with me, the first being Tanzania in Feb 2013.  Victor is an Orthopedic Surgeon by day and a great photographer by night.  Victor travels frequently and and almost always, his travels have photography in mind.  So without additional delay, here are some of his photos from our recent adventure:

Yes, we had some serious mud on one of our days.  My camera setup was a D4, D3s, and a Sony NEX-6.  Glass was 24-70mm and a 70-200mm, with a dual camera black rapid strap.  I also wore my HOG HAT for the fans back in Arkansas

According to our guides, the use of  a flower in the mouth is sign of aggression for the  young ones.

Eating every so carefully to avoid the sharp leaves.  The Gorillas do not drink from running or standing water which means that they must obtain all of their water requirements from plants.  It is amazing how they can obtain enough water for their needs from the plants.

One of the wonderful things about Rwanda, is just how friendly the locals are.  In this situation we were simply walking around the view point near a lodge that was located high atop a series of hills.  While walking, the lady of the house called out to our guide and said “come visit me”.  The next thing we knew, the entire neighbor hood was walking our way.  I guess when new visitors arrive, the whole neighborhood gets involved.  Obviously, there is a new Razorback fan in Rwanda.

This shot was on our last day and shows you just how massive the male Silver Backs are.  In all of my Gorilla Treks, I have yet to witness any aggressive moves by these massive creatures however, there is no doubt in my mind that I will always give them a wide berth.

Thanks Victor so much for sharing some of your images.  I look forward to future travels with you.  If  you want to see more of Victor’s work, jump over to his Smug Mug Site at http://www.vnemeth.com/.

Cheers and that is a wrap for the Rwanda Trip.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  I will be leading a very special safari next Feb focusing on the Chimpanzees of Uganda and the Gorillas of Rwanda.  Our special permits will allow thee FULL days with the Chimps rather than the limits one hour permit.  Imagine, three 6 hour days with the Chimps……I can’t wait.

Thanks to Eyes on Africa and Thousand Hills for another wonderful Gorilla Adventure.

Cheers and happy photo’ing