Departing Zurich on the Home Leg to Kenya

After a lengthy overnight flight from Washington DC to Zurich, I linked up with Scott and Brent. A three hour overlay was over before we knew it, and soon we were on our way to Swiss 292 for our last leg into Nairobi. Presented with a gin and tonic shortly after take off, I settled into a very relaxing flight on an Airbus A330-300 (236 seats, max speed 880km/h). I would estimate the flight to be less than 40% full for some odd reason. As soon as the seat belt sign went off, I was up out of my seat grabbing one of the last scenes of the Swiss Alps before we went through a cloud bank.

I usually don’t care much for airline food however, this flight was not only an exception but a wonderful experience. So here is how the meal went down:

First course: Carpaccio of bresaola, vegetable salad with tomato and nut dressing, Sbrinz cheese sahavings. Translated to mean ‘painted plate’, the carpaccio was wonderful.

Second course: Roast filet of beef, morel cream sauce (read this a weight gain), new patatoes and green beans. A selection of Swiss cheeses with pear bread rounded out the main course.

Desert was Tirammisu with rhubarb mascapone strawberry coulis. It was so good, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Toward the end of the flight, they hit us with ice cream. I am not sure I will eat again for days.

BTW, not one drop of this meal hit my shirt; something Kathy and my daughters would be very proud of.

Our flight path will take us over the Mediterranean Sea, across Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, and into Kenya for landing at Nairobi. Once in Nairobi, we will over night at the Fairview Hotel, rising early the following day for our charter flight taking us deep into the Mara Plains. Shortly before I departed Seattle, I received an update from Mara Plains. Although the rains have been less than predicted, the game viewing has been simply out of control with lions, leopards, and lots of baby elephants in very close proximately to the camp. I am counting on some light rains to bring some great cloud formations as well as some challenging photography, as well as managing the dust. I cant tell you how excited I am to be back in Africa – the land that is full of surprises and one that I have come to love.

So here is my parting shot as we departed Zurich.

Swiss Alps from the Air

Nikon D3s, 24-70mm @ 52mm, ISO 200, f/9.0 @ 1/800 sec

Cheers and happy photoing