Safari Kick-Off Day 1

Hey Folks, It’s Safari Time.

I’m here at River Trees Lodge in Tanzania with my safari customers and the wonderful guides from Thomson Safaris. After the intro briefing, we will be off to Tarangire National Park shortly. Just a short note to kick off another killer safari.

NOTE: My telecommunication device from XGLOBAL has failed to connect upon power up (read this as not very happy with this very expensive rental). I am doubtful that I will be able to blog from the bush unless mother AT&T can get their links to align with the stars. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Tarangire, here we come.

UPDATE:  After repeated attempts and very expensive calls to tech support, my rented XCOM GLOBAL modem has failed to connect.  This is very sad as they offer unlimited data.  I previously used an older device of theirs on my last safari with fairly reasonable success.  The new model simply does not connect to the carrier.  I called tool free to AT&T and they offer a more expensive but reliable solution.  The XCOM device is now packed away and will be returned for refund (I hope) upon my return.